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Locations And Branches.

Dont be fooled...

InMetal Pack Mexico We are committed to a globalized world where there are no physical borders or language or time zone limitations. For this reason our business model is based 100% on e-commerce so we do not have physical locations that offer counter sales.

Venta De Envases En Linea Mexico

How we work?

Once you review the catalogs and know which products you are interested in, you can contact us by email or through the contact form where we will ask you to indicate the code of the container you are interested in as well as the quantity you need and the place of delivery.  With this information we can quote you and send you all the detailed information through the same email.

If you agree with the conditions of sale and the price, we will issue a document with the details of the purchase and the purchase/sale contract so that you can make your payment by bank transfer.

Once the payment is made, we ask you to send us the proof of payment along with the complete information for billing and shipping.

Once the delivery time has elapsed, you will receive a notice from the parcel indicating that your merchandise is on its way and providing you with the tracking information in case you require further tracking.

Thats it....   You acquired the containers you needed safely and without leaving home. 

Main Supply Areas.

Sale Of Containers In Guadalajara

Sale Of Containers In Queretaro

Sale Of Containers In Guanajuato

Sale Of Containers In Monterrey

Sale Of Containers In Puebla

Sale of Containers in CDMX

Sale Of Containers In Hermosillo

Sale Of Containers In Cancun

Sale Of Containers In Tijuana

International Shipping / Export.

If you are in another country and want to buy our products, dont worry. We can help you!!!

We currently ship to several countries around the world and manage the export of purchases from 10,000 pcs.

We currently make recurring shipments to:

USA - Canada - Colombia - Costa Rica - Guatemala - Puerto Rico - Argentina - Chile

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