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Manufacture and Sale of Food Containers.

Do you require innovative solutions and exclusive designs for food packaging? 

In Metal Pack Mexico. we have developed an extensive line of containers for sauces, preserves, chocolate, spices and much more.

All our jars and bottles are certified "Food Grade" and they are completely free of Bisphenols and other toxic chemicals. In addition, they exceed all international quality standards, so regardless of whether you require containers for homemade preserves or require a container to export to anywhere in the world, we can offer you an alternative of plastic containers or glass containers that will be useful to you. .

We have bottles and glass jars, plastic, paper and metallic bags. As well as a great variety of lids that in combination allow us to offer the most extensive assortment of containers in Mexico.

Below we show you some of our most sought-after packaging.

Find These and Many More Models In The Plastic And Glass Containers Catalogs By Clicking Here

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