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Sale Of PET CANs For Beverages.

As part of our commitment to offer you the latest technology and design for product packaging, we present our new beverage packaging solution.

They are made of PET, with an aluminum lid.   They are ideal for packaging soft drinks or carbonated drinks and unlike an aluminum can, PET is much more resistant and economical. 


It also has the advantage of allowing the customer to see the product, so it is possible to highlight unique attributes of the beverage to be packaged.

Envases para bebidas de alta calidad en México para almacenar sus bebidas

Available For Purchases From 10,000 Pieces.

Advantages of PET CAN or Cans plastic

  • PET Body + Aluminum Lid Top with aluminum easy-open end.

  • Easy to open, solid and light. Reduce transportation cost and easy to transport.

  • Consumers can see the content directly through the packaging.

  • The PET can has food grade certification.

  • Excellent shelf life.

  • Spill proof.

  • Excellent Anti-Counterfeit packaging option.

  • Customization by shrink wrapping with printing in color selection.

Novelty beverage cans.

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