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As part of our commitment to offer the best packaging on the market, we have a talented team of designers who analyze a wide variety of products and purchasing trends in the world market in order to develop options for cans, jars and all types of bottles. Because of that you can always find a striking, technological, functional and sustainable container that manages to highlight the attributes of your product and at the same time fulfills its function of protection and durability.

The Best Strategy To Stand Out From The Competition.

We know that competition is increasingly fierce and that more than a good product is required to achieve sales objectives.  For this reason, having a container that stands out and is functional is the best strategy. It allows your customers to have a general idea about what they will find inside. A good container reflects quality, innovation and attention to detail, which will generate greater confidence in the product.

Squeeze Tubes With Treatment Pump Lid.

Tubos Depresibles Para Cosmeticos Mexico

Available in 15 and 30 ml presentation.   These squeezable tubes are made of HDPE and have an Airless Pump type cap and are ideal for cream, treatments and serums . 

Model: 10210-15  (Version 15ml)  (Diameter Measurements: 25mm 66mm Length)

Model: 10210-30 (Version 30 ml) (Measures Diameter: 25mm /  Length:99mm)

Presentation:  Packages With 200 Pcs.

1 Touch Dispenser

Dispensador 1 Toque

Plastic Bottle With 1 Touch Dispenser.

Effortlessly deliver liquid formulations such as acetone, water, makeup remover, or alcohol with a single touch. This 5.4 Oz (160 ml) natural polypropylene container   features a flip-top lid.


After filling, simply open the cap, gently press down and the disc dispenser will instantly bring the solution to the top. Use a cotton swab, cotton ball, cloth or brush to absorb the liquid from the reservoir and apply it to the desired area. The lid creates an airtight seal to prevent liquid spillage.

Item: 30092  (160ml)

Qty:  Packages With 200 Pcs.

Thick wall jar, transparent with screw cap, white

Tarro Doble Pared

Thick Wall Plastic Jar With White Screw Lid.

Display or store your product in these stylish, thick-walled jars. Made of Acrylic and ABS. The thick wall provides an additional barrier against the elements. Perfect for products such as creams, lotions or facials.

Model: 30038-03  (3ml)

Model: 30038-07  (7ml)

Model: 30038-15  (15ml)

Presentation:  Packages With 100 Pcs.

Frosted Plastic Container With Spoon.

Envase Sales De Baño Mexico

Apothecary Container With Frosted Finish and Wooden Spoon.

Ideal for bath salts. This Frosted or Frosted finish plastic jar features a cork lid made from compressed wood. The jar comes with a small wooden spoon that can be easily stored on the side of the jar.

Available in 3 sizes:

Model: 29969-100  (100gr)

Model: 29969-200  (200g)

Model: 29969-300  (300g)

Qty:  Packages With 100 Pcs.

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