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Manufacturing of Personalized and Non-Personalized Bags.

  • Kraft Paper Bags.

  • Rice Paper Bags.

  • Plastic bags.

  • Metallic Bags.

  • Linen Bags and Other Textiles.

  • Stand Up Bags

  • Doypack Bags

  • Personalized Bags And Without Printing.

  • Bags With Spout.

  • Bags For Coffee And Cocoa.

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All Our Bags Are Food Grade.


We also offer Manufacture and Sale of Paper Bags, Kraft Bags, PVC Bags, Pet Bags, Resealable Bags, Ziplock Bags, Metallized Bags, Food Bags, Beverage Bags, Spout Bags, Etc.  Options For Wholesale and Retail

Resealable or hermetically sealed bags as they are also known have become an indispensable packaging method today. They present a multitude of advantages compared to traditional PET or Glass containers. Its main advantage is that it helps us to preserve the freshness and quality of the product since it is vacuum-packed and can be opened and closed as many times as necessary.

We manufacture custom bags in PET and Aluminum Foil.

What bags do we offer you:

Advantages Packaging In Resealable Bags.

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