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At Metal Pack Mexico we also offer solutions to your promotional needs, offering something useful, eye-catching and with high added value for the customer. All our Mints are 100% Sugar Free and meet the strictest quality standards.

Dulce En Lata Mexico

Advertising Mints  In Mexico

Currently, advertising candy is the sweetest and most fun option to position a brand.  They have the advantage that they are easily accepted by people and with each candy you will get at least one advertising impact .

Through candy advertising you can improve the positioning of the brand or logo and it will also allow you to stay in the mind of the consumer.

We know that the competition is fierce so each element in your advertising strategy must be efficient and differentiated from the rest so we ensure that the investment in promotion and advertising will not be wasted. For this reason, if you plan to invest in the advertising candy strategy, let us advise you and offer you the best candy with the best printing quality and with the most striking and innovative packaging on the market.

Types Of Promotional Candy.
  • Tin Container Candy

  • Plastic pillboxes.

  •  Blister Mints

  • Candy in bag

  • Peppermints.

  • Sugar free Mints.

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