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Manufacturers of Plastic Containers, Jars, Bottles and Packaging in Mexico.

In Containers Metal Pack Mexico we are dedicated to the manufacture, sale and distribution of containers for all industries. We have a wide selection that in combination with all the available caps, allows us to offer more than 350 items in stock, with the sole objective that you can find in one place everything you need to package your product and fulfill your container and packaging supply needs.

welcome toContainers Metal Pack Mexico, where we provide top quality packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers. As leaders in the manufacture and distribution of packaging, we have years of experience and a highly trained team to guarantee the best quality in each of our products.

What products do we offer?

Our containers are designed to withstand the handling and transport of products safely and efficiently. With high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, we guarantee the durability and resistance of our packaging, which allows optimal protection of the products during transport and storage.

Wide Range of Packaging for Different Sectors

We offer a wide range of packaging for different sectors, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, chemical products, among others. All our containers comply with the quality and safety standards necessary to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Custom Packaging to Meet Your Needs.

In addition to our wide range of packaging, we offer the option of custom packaging to meet the specific needs of our customers. With our highly trained team and advanced technology, we can create customized packaging with your company's logo and design to enhance your presence in the market.

Shipping to all Mexico.

We have an efficient and safe shipping system that allows us to send our containers anywhere in Mexico. We offer fast and cheap shipments so that our clients can receive their containers in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our containers and packaging solutions. We are at your disposal to help you find the best solution for your packaging needs in Mexico.

Containers For Cosmetics.

Cream Jars.

Lipstick Tubes.

Shadow Jars.




Bottles For Aromatherapy.

Deodorant Tubes.

Containers And Bottles For Spa.

Bottles for Essences and Extracts.

Containers For Beauty Salon.

Envases para cosméticos de alta calidad en México para almacenar sus productos

Pharma packaging.

Pill Containers

Bottles For Syrups.

Pill Boxes For Supplements.


Jars For Balms.

Ointment Containers.

Homeopathic containers.

Dropper Bottles.

Pharmaceutical Grade Bottles.

Envases para medicamentos de alta calidad en México

Sale Of National And Imported Containers

Food Containers.



Dairy products.

Juices and  Nectars.




Wines and Spirits.


Sweets and Confectionery.



Containers With Mill For Salt and Pepper.

Jars For Sauces.

Canning Jars.

Honey Jars.

Cookie Jars.

Candy shop.

Coffee Line.

Tea Line.

Gourmet Packaging.

Envases de vidrio de alta calidad en México para almacenar sus productos

Paper and metallic bags.

Paper Bags:  

Kraft Paper Bags.

Rice Paper Bags.

Textile Bags:

Jute Bags

Blanket Bags.

Velvet Bags.

Jewelry Bags

PET bags.

Metallic Bags.

Stand-up bags.

Bags With Spout.

Window Bags.

Plastic bags.

Bags With Printing.

Food Grade Bags.


Sale of Containers Wholesale / Retail

Packaging and metal containers.

Food Cans

Cosmetic Use Cans.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cans.

Industrial Use Cans.

Metallic Lunch Boxes.

Metallic buckets.

Personalized trays.

Aluminum Cans

Tin Containers.

Aluminum Containers

Biscuit Tins.

cans forCoffee.

Tea Cans.

Compre envases de metal de alta calidad en México

Containers And Bottles For Drinks.

Plastic Bottles For Juices And Nectars.

Bottles For Wines And Spirits.

Plastic Bottles For Diet Drinks

Glass Bottles For Carbonated Drinks.

Envases para bebidas de alta calidad en México para almacenar sus bebidas

Do you want to know our products?

Are you concerned about the quality of our products?

As referents of the packaging industry in Mexico. We care about offering innovative products, we have actively participated in the development of many products for the Mexican and International market that have been recognized in various competitions and events for their design, innovation and quality.

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Soluciones de envases de plástico eficientes y duraderas. ¡Mejora tus ventas!
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Envases de plástico de alta calidad para tus necesidades. ¡Compra ahora en México
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We send your containers to all of Mexico.
Some of our main sales areas are:

Tijuana  -  Guadalajara - CDMX  - Toluca -  Los Cabos - Monterrey - Cancun -  Puebla - Queretaro - Guanajuato - Merida -  Hermosillo  -Mazatlan  - Veracruz  - Tampico  - Tuxtla  -  Villa Hermosa

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