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Containers for Cosmetics and Personal Care.

Do you require innovative solutions and exclusive designs to package cosmetics? 

In Metal Pack Mexico. we have the widest and most select selection of packaging for cosmetic use.  It doesnt matter if you manufacture Creams, Deodorants or Body Mist or if you are a small natural cosmetics business or an international cosmetics laboratory. We have the container you need and best of all, all our cosmetic containers have pharmaceutical grade certification therefore, they exceed all the standards required to pack products for dermatological use.

It does not matter if your brand is focused on handmade vegan cosmetics or if it is a brand focused on luxury or exclusivity. We handle more than 350 optionsof jars, bottles, jars and containers so you will always find an option that will be interesting for you.

Below we share some of our ideas for cosmetic products.

Below we share with you some of our options, as well as some ideas for the packaging of cosmetic products for this 2022.

Find these and many more models in the catalogs of plastic containers, glass containers and metal containers by clickingHere

Differences Between Containers For Cosmetic Use And Traditional Containers.

Before purchasing containers, we recommend that you verify that these containers are compatible with the type of product you offer and that the bottle (be it glass or pet) has not only sufficient information but also the required quality. Well, unlike a generic or traditional container, these containers must have special coatings and are made of quality plastic that guarantees the non-reaction of the material. Likewise, these types of containers and bottles usually have an airtight lid that ensures the quality of conservation of the content.

Our products are of high quality and all the packaging options that we handle on the line are called "Free of Bisphenols and BPA" so you can use them safely for the packaging of your product.

Glass Cosmetic Containers:

We have jars, jars and glass bottles of the highest quality. You can find from a transparent or white container, to options in amber or cobalt blue. Each of these products are available with a host of cap alternatives, from traditional plastic ones to high quality metal variants.

Lipstick Containers:

If your business is the manufacture of lipsticks or lip balms or Lip Gloss. In our catalog you will find the best products. We have plastic lip tubes, Roll On glass containers for Gloss, metal jars for balms and even ecological cardboard tubes. We are the only ones in Mexico with more than 180 packaging variants.

Boston Bottle With Pump Cap, Atomizer And Treatment Cap:

For these containers we offer you an extensive assortment of Boston containers and bottles (Glass and plastic) as well as an extensive assortment of pump-type caps, treatment-type caps, as well as metal and plastic caps. We handle amber, cobalt blue, green, white, black, violet and transparent. In our catalog you can see why our containers are chosen by internationally renowned brands.

It does not matter if your brand is focused on handcrafted vegan cosmetics or if it is a brand focused on luxury or exclusivity. so you will always find an option that is interesting to you and that exceeds the quality you expected.

Check on our page, "Catalogues 2022" request more information and receive in your email all the details about our products as well as payment options, remember that we make safe shipments to all of Mexico.

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