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  • We have an extensive range of plastic containers. 

  • We offer solutions in PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ETC.

  • All Our Items Are Available For Wholesale And Retail Sales.

  • We send your containers to all Mexico by Parcel.

  • Permanent stock Items.

Do you need a plastic container?

Envases Kombucha Mexico

We are a Manufacturer of Plastic Containers, We offer solutions for those industries that require PET containers and that at the same time want their product to be striking and reflect its high quality. Minimum purchases from 100 pcs.  We have all kinds of plastic containers.

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Why Choose A PET Container.

PET is the most popular choice for plastic bottles, due to its unmatched strength vs. weight ratio and huge cost reductions or transportation compared to its counterpart (glass containers) and its well-earned reputation in terms of safety and reliability when packaging consumer products.

Did you know that....  Plastic containers are the most economical and practical method to store a product???    Plastic containers are mostly made of PET. that is 100% recyclable  and offers lightness, resistance and versatility because these bottles can contain almost any product.    It also has the advantage of being one of the safest materials due to the strict quality and safety controls at which is subject.   Currently it is the most popular container on the market and is available in multiple variants of size, shape and type of lid.

Types Of Plastic Containers.

Our containers are made from one of the following: PET(polyethylene terephthalate), PVC(polyvinyl chloride), HDPE(high density polyethylene), LDPE(low density polyethylene) or plastic styrene. More information on each specific material can be found at "Information" on plastic containers section.

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Types Of Lids and Caps For Plastic Containers.

We offer an extensive assortment of closures for our packaging options, so you will be able to find a large number of combinations so that you can solve all the packaging needs for your product line. Among these, the Pump type caps, Disc Top Caps, Flip Top Caps, Atomizer or Trigger, Screw Cap, Flat Cap and many more stand out. All of them are compatible with our lines of plastic containers and in the case of the flat lid (the most common) it is offered in different color alternatives.

Recycled Containers And Its Process.

Once the plastic containers or bottles arrive at the recycler, they are classified by type of material (PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP). This done, the bottles are washed and granulated into flakes. The resulting flakes are left to dry before they can be made into new products.


Recycled plastics are used for items like new bottles and containers, carpeting, fiberfill for pillows, sleeping bags, clothing, car parts, and even building materials.


Most plastic containers have a recycling code located on the bottom of the container to inform the consumer of what type of plastic it is. Knowing what type of plastic container is being handled is important to know if it is recyclable and how it should be recycled.


For more information on plastic recycling codes, consult the help page or ask our consultants for more details, who will gladly help you dispel any doubts about it.

Interesting Facts About Packaging Recycling.

  • Recycling one ton of plastic saves 7 cubic meters of space in landfills and outdoor dumps.

  • Approximately only 7% of the total plastic waste generated in 2009 was recovered for recycling.

  • It takes about five plastic bottles to make enough fiberfill for a winter Jacket or 26 bottles to make a polyester suit.

  • If every American household recycled just 1 in 10 HDPE bottles used, it would keep 200 million pounds of plastic out of landfills.

  • A plastic bottle will take 700 years before it starts to decompose.

Envases Reciclables Mexico

You are concerned about the quality of our plastic containers.

As referents of the packaging industry in Mexico. We care about offering innovative products, we have actively participated in the development of many products for the Mexican and International market that have been recognized in various competitions and events for their design, innovation and quality. We are specialists in the manufacture of Pet Jars and Boston bottles.

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