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We have the most extensive assortment of containers in Mexico.

In this section you will find all the packaging options that we manufacture.  We have more than 350 options of jars and bottles that, in combination with the wide variety of caps that we handle, allow us to offer you the most extensive assortment of packaging in Mexico.

Envases Para Medicamento

We have:

PET containers

HDPE containers

LDPE containers

PVC containers

And Many More Options

of packaging

Venta De Bolsas De Papel

We have:

Kraft bags

Rice Paper Bags

PET bags

Metallic Bags

Cloth bags

aluminum foil

Plastic Bags

Paper bags

Empaques Metalicos Metal Pack Mexico

We have:

Aluminum containers

Tinplate Packaging

Metal Lunch Boxes

Brewing Buckets

Advertising trays

Alcoholic Beverage Cases

Promotional Cases

Special Edition Packaging

Envases Para Bebidas Mexico

We have:

The latest trend in beverage containers.

Envases De Vidrio

We have:

Glass containers

glass jars

Food Bottles

Pharma Packaging

Jars cosmetics

Glass Droppers

And Many More Containers...

Materiales Para Recuerdos Y Regalos

We have:

Gift Boxes.

Material For Crafts.

Promotional Packaging.

Corporative gifts.

Sample Containers.

We ship to all of Mexico  /  Safe Shipping 

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