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Manufacturing And Sale Of Packaging And Tin Containers.

Tin containers, in addition to being very striking and durable, allow the customer to generate a greater perception of quality about the product they contain. Among its great attributes, its ability to be recycled and reused many times stands out. In addition  they are the best option for fragile or delicate products or those that needs resistant packaging.


They are also the perfect ally to be used in seasonal products, special editions or as promotional products, because they are such striking containers, they are one of the most chosen containers by customers when deciding their purchase from the shelf.  

What we offer:

  • Metallic Lunch Boxes.

  • Aluminum Balm Jars.

  • Metallic Coin Boxes.

  • Aluminum Cans.

  • Metallic Candy Containers.

  • Advertising Tin Trays.

  • Promotional Automotive License Plate.

  • Metallic Buckets and Coolers.

  • Cans For Cosmetic Use

The most extensive assortment of Tin containers in Mexico, we also offer personalized printing  and customized manufacturing. 


The most extensive assortment of metal containers in Mexico, we also offer personalized printing of cans and manufacturing of cans on design. 

Tin Containers Catalog.




Do not worry, in this catalog you will find containers and Tins that are offered whit a low MOQThese models have the advantage that you have the facility to customize them by your own in the way you want.




​In this catalog you will find all the items available for  MOQ of 10,000 pcs.  These items have the advantage of being able to print any design on full color

Why choose a metal container?

For being containers of great versatility and duration. They are suitable for withstanding high temperatures, interior and exterior varnishes as well as a wide variety of basic conservation techniques used today. They can also be used in liquid or solid products and in many cases it is possible to reduce the diameter of the can if it does not fit your needs and in some cases double closure systems can be used.

Quality Of Our Packaging.

We are the manufacturer of Metal Containers in Mexico with the largest assortment on the market, we specialize in the packaging of premium products. We have more than 200 variants of cans, steel, tinplate and aluminum containers.  We have food and pharmaceutical grade metal containers.  We also offer custom items.
All our Tin containers are manufactured with the most demanding quality standards and are suitable for export. Our supply chain includes aluminum, steel and tinplate of the highest quality possible to ensure that our cans are suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.  In the same way, we have the most modern equipment. We can offer you cans and metal packaging with the best quality and they will be the most striking on the shelf.

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